Friday, October 31, 2014

Pumpkin Goo!

Halloween week is always a pretty fun week....
A cool treat while the boys are away!
It's pumpkin carving week!

All setup!
The kids picked out their own pumpkins
and their own designs for Daddy to carve
(although Mommy helped find easier designs...)
Very excited and ready to help!
Christopher was a little more hands-on!
Michael does NOT like pumpkin goo
so he kept a fair distance away
and let brother empty out his pumpkin, too.
Christopher was more than happy to help!!

He was up to his armpit in his tall pumpkin!
Pumpkin goo!!!!!!!

Daddy was pretty fast at carving!
Finished products.....

Batman Bat
They definitely had FUN!
Lots of superpowers here...
We kept one pumpkin uncarved
to leave out in November...
and eventually COOK!
Already looking forward to pumpkin pancakes!!
Pumpkins on the porch
So thankful for fun  memories with Daddy!

More Halloween week pictures soon!
<>< Stacy

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