Friday, February 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Finally! After 3 long weeks in the hospital we are home again!

Casey and I decided to take the first 1/2 day we were home to surprise Michael at school and take him to a fountain and playground he loves. I joked that the housework would begin "tomorrow". Well, tomorrow is here and I am not getting ANY work done! Christopher is extremely and understandably clingy. I have decided to enjoy each moment of cuddling today. The house mess can wait!

Things we need prayer for:
1) Christopher will continue to stay healthy and his appetite will increase.
2) We can rest daily and readjust to our regular routine next week.
3) God will show us the right words to say when we meet with our 'regular' pediatrician to discuss Christopher's initial "lack" of diagnosis.
4) Finances ~ we made some job changes and have bills rolling in soon.
5) Me ~ that I can stay strong while I put our life back together.

God has shown me so many things. I know we will be stronger having gone through this.

Stacy { <>< }


KC said...

Y'all are constantly on my heart and mind. We will continue to pray for all of you :-)

Amanda said...

You have stayed so strong and positive through it all. I know with the help of your strong family support and the grace of God you will continue to manage all the obstacles you experience. We are praying for you all, you have been on my heart every since Christopher first got sick and I want you to know that a lot of people love you, even I who haven't seen you for years.

On a somewhat lighter note...take advantage of all that snuggling while you can because Christopher will be good as knew in no time and then it will be business as usual! The housework can wait. I know, from experience, it's easier said then done, but you'll remember the time you spent with those two wonderful boys and Casey, not whether the dishes and laundry were always done.