Friday, February 25, 2011

New look!

Hi, my name is Stacy and I suffer from haircut remorse.

Have you ever gotten your hair cut and regretted it 1 hr later? Well, that was me last night. It's not that it's a bad haircut, it's just not what I expected and I wasn't mentally prepared. So now I'm stuck with a new look. It's growing on me I guess...

Notice anything else different? Oh yeah - glasses. Haven't worn them in 5+ years. My prescription is very minor to help with headaches and focusing when I read music (which I do all the time).

So next time you see me, you'll probably have to take a second glance to take it all in. Don't give your opinion unless it's a positive one :) I'm on a 5 step "get over it" program:

1. admit you created a problem
2. realize you can't take it back (but that the problem will slowly correct itself over time)
3. style it until you like it better
4. start looking at yourself in the mirror again
5. wear your new style with pride

Stacy { <>< }


Amanda said...

I think it looks good! Very cool for the oncoming summer and makes you look a bit...freer, which is nice with all the stress you have had lately.

I've actually had a similar experience, almost every time I cut my hair. Probably why I only do it ever year (or two). I always want something with some style, but I end up preferring the straight and long look. Last time I got my hair cut was soon after Zoey was born and I splurged on a nice boutique and my main point was I don't want it in my eyes, and what did I get? It was in my eyes for like 2 months. Arg. It eventually grew out enough and back to normal.

KC said...

I had to LOL when I read this post!! The exact same thing happened to me last summer and I am still recovering!! As soon as my hairdresser finished I just sat in the chair in total shock!! Of course, my cut was way too short (above my chin short :-( Now I am in the process of growing my hair out and it is so HARD!! It makes me feel so frumpy...LOL And for what is worth, I think your hair looks great!!