Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Giving Back

I wasn't expecting to be home with my sick little boy today, but I was able to complete a few things that just kept getting pushed aside in order to keep things running here on my own. I had plenty of time to design a flyer for our February toy drive!

I am excited to announce that we will be collecting new books and toys throughout the month of February in celebration of 1 year since Christopher fought for his life. The books and toys collected will be donated to Happy Wheels, an organization that gives books and toys to each patient at the children's hospital on Mondays. Knowing the Happy Wheels cart was coming made each Monday a little bit brighter when we spent 33 days in the hospital.

I am hoping this toy drive will help me focus on 'giving back' during February. We had support from so many people at church, family, work, within the hospital, and even strangers praying last year. There is no way we could ever give enough thanks for the support we had. Through this toy drive, we will give back to an organization that is continuously supporting children and families in the hospital that are currently enduring challenging circumstances.

I can remember each and every terrifying moment when Christopher was admitted to the hospital, had surgery, and was on a ventilator for 9 days. I am praying February will be a positive month in which I can reflect on God's grace, love, and blessings in our life rather than re-living the painful emotions we experienced last year.

Please help us by contributing to our donation! Even 1 small book, toy, or $5.00 helps! If you prefer, you can make a financial donation and we will purchase toys at the end of February. We have already received toys from a few friends that have followed our story.

<>< Stacy

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