Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1st Dentist trip!

Last week, Christopher jumped off of a bed, busted his lip, and pushed a tooth out of place.  That prompted our first trip to the dentist (I know, I know, Michael is 4!  But he is so difficult with doctors!).  So today, Christopher had his first teeth cleaning and x-ray of the damaged tooth.  Luckily - no damage to permanent tooth.  We go back in a month to clean Michael's teeth and x-ray Christopher's again to make sure there isn't any infection or reason to extract the tooth.  We can expect some discoloration which may be a bad sign or may just go away.

I was hoping Christopher's appointment would be a good experience for Michael so he will feel better at his own appointment.  It definitely was!  He came home saying, "I had lots of fun at the dentist".  Yup.  Played with toys, saw fish, watched cartoons, got a prize even though he didn't get the x-ray, played video games, watched them work on brother, played with his new Disney Princess Ring (not sure why they chose rings as their prize), got a sticker - again, Disney princess was his choice, and got his own goody bag with toothbrush and Buzz Lightyear flossers even though he didn't technically see the dentist.  He was pretty excited about everything.  I let him watch Beauty and the Beast this afternoon since all of his 'goodies' had Belle on them and he seemed quite interested.  Now he is going around talking about sleeping in a cabinet (like the tea cup - chip) and fighting off 'beasts'. 

Christopher was pretty good for a 2 year old.  He keeps talking about how they brushed his teeth and how it 'tickles'.  Oh, and every worker stopped at least once to tell me how cute they were.  The boys really hammed it up.  Christopher was happy once he saw the life-size pirate painted on the wall.  It all seemed 'worth it' to take them to a pediatric dentist!!!!

Not to mention...the boys were begging me to brush and floss tonight.  Yes, to FLOSS too.

Christopher playing with his prize (a Beauty and the Beast ring)
while Michael watches the video games.

Watching Beauty and the Beast from a tent.

The kids ate up this tilapia (it's frozen - I take no credit) and the fiesta lime rice complimented it well (no scallions or cilantro on-hand, but that's probably better for the boys anyway).

Fiesta Lime Rice and Tortilla Crusted Chipotle Lime Tilapia.

I can't believe tomorrow is Wednesday already!
Busy weeks pass by faster!

<>< Stacy

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