Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend Updates

I get mega behind on blogging over the weekends
because I spend every moment with Casey and the boys.

I get mega, mega behind on blogging when I go to Spartanburg for the weekend
because I get to see Casey, the boys, and more family for even longer.

So here are a few quick updates!

Nothing brings more excitement to Michael than letting him do something he isn't usually allowed to do.  Our recent fun moments include:  staying up later than Christopher (to watch Olympics of course), eating a brownie after brother went to bed, eating a brownie on the COUCH, and playing in the RAIN!  It was so much fun to watch the boys play in the rain :)

Playing in the Rain

After the rain

Friday, Casey and I had a much needed date night! 
We ate some yummy Thai food. 
I love how everything tastes even better when you're pregnant!!
I carried Grandma Serio's clutch (Casey's Great-Grandma).
We also stopped and got our wedding rings cleaned. :)

I sure do miss our 'old' life together,
but I know this is just a detour on the way to a bright, bright future.

 We clean up pretty well when we have time (and babysitters - thanks Grandma!)

Thai food is yummy, yummy, yummy!!

When we were packing for Grandma's house, Michael was quite insistent that he take all of his animal friends.  Considering how much time he spends with them, I figured tossing them all in a pillowcase for a weekend trip would be harmless.  He loved it.  And the animals enjoyed playing at Grandma's house too!  :)

Michael and his stuffed animals....

I felt a little spoiled on my birthday... and it felt good!
Every single gift was perfect.
Nothing we 'needed' for the house, the kids, or anything other than just ME.
I think 27 is going to be a GREAT Year :) 

Some of my fun birthday gifts!

We went to the park, but it was too wet so Casey taught Michael (and me) how to play frisbee golf instead. We got muddy, saw a lot of millipedes, and had tons of fun! We ended it by hosing down 2 muddy naked boys in Grandma's backyard. They loved it!!

Having fun exploring at the park!

Everyone claimed a frisbee!

 These are special moments :)

* Sparklers *
While doing a coupon deal at Walgreens
(for free BIC Pens if you were wondering...)
I picked up some sparklers at 50% off to make our evening a memorable one.
And it sure was memorable! 

Uncle Steven and Michael played with fire when we ran out of sparklers!
Michael is wearing his 'future boy scout' shirt.  :)

Christopher went through the sparklers faster than Michael!

When the sparklers are gone...just experiment with fire!

A family picture to end the weekend!

<>< Stacy

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Amanda McCusker said...

You look so happy! Happy Birthday...again. The boys are unbelievably cute. It's so good that you and Casey get some time together. We always treasure date night. I bet Stephen will teach Michael and Christopher too, all they will need to know to be awesome boy scouts!