Monday, August 13, 2012

Not my usual Monday...

I've missed blogging! 
(and believe me, I have some extremely cute stories and pictures right now...)

But for now...
Here's my craziest Monday in a long, long time....and I'm sure I left a few things out...

7:30 am Woke up
Enjoyed a few minutes of peace and quiet (enter 2 kids waking up)
Fed me, boys, and animals
Put clean dishes up
Cleaned up kitchen
Opened all the blinds and made the beds
Got myself and the boys dressed
PACKED for the kids to go to Grandma and Grandpas
Straightened up the house (in case of usual)
11:00 Visited with family and left the boys with Grandma and Grandpa
12:00 Ate lunch with an awesome friend (saw her new school, too!)
Stopped at Babies-r-us - used a great $5 coupon to score a nearly free baby item or 2  ;)
Explored the SCAIHS homeschool bookstore (yikes! so much stuff!)
5:00 Painted baseboards in the kitchen
Painted doorframes
Ate dinner at crazy fast speed
Put out pinestraw
Put out an Open House sign
Painted more baseboards
Painted more doorframes and doors
Midnight - Blogged (mainly so Casey can see pics...)

Productive, much ??? 
Not to mention, 18 weeks pregnant!  Geesh!

Special Thanks to my parents for taking the kids for a few days!  I will be able to get SO much painting done!  I know they'll have a great time too.  AND Casey gets to see them.  :)

Just finished the pinestraw as the sun went down.

Open House Sunday!

 WHITE baseboards?

More white baseboards and doorframe.

Doorframes take FOREVER to paint

The boys' doorframe is improving :)

NOW can you tell how badly I am ready to move ???  I have been weeding for hours, putting out pinestraw, and painting !?!  I hope it pays off someday soon.  God's timing is always perfect...

<>< Stacy

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