Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Odds and ends

Here's a peak at what's been going on around the Wiley house!
 9/1 Family Breakfast
Breakfast with Daddy - the day after we found out we're having a girl!
Can't beat FREE Bojangles breakfast reservations!

Garage Sales
Most everyone knows we like to garage sale
1) for affordable nice children's clothes (and more!)
and 2) for some fun time together.
Every now and then, we have a really good day like this!
Mostly boy clothes size 4T winter and several
church rompers for Christopher next Spring/Summer
$1.00 per item
Boys tend to beat up their clothes pretty bad, so these sizes (3T, 4T)
in good condition are kind of rare at garage sales - worth the $1.00.
All of these pants have waist adjusters which we need
since the boys seem to be in-between sizes!

Learning materials!
Michael took an immediate liking to these!
You'll see the abc puzzle below on the blog....

and can't forget about this garage sale find...............
And all that stuff came from the same garage sale!  
We hit 'jackpot'.  And it wasn't even on our list!
Casey is just masterful at catching signs on the side of the road.  :)
(He's a pretty good garage sale haggler too......)
9/2 Church
                        Still celebrating in Girl colors!                                 21 Weeks

9/3 Labor Day
           About to end the day with a glow stick bath!                         Brotherly Love!
9/4  The Dreaded Dentist Appointment
It's a good thing Casey got off work for Michael's dental appointment.
Michael was extremely uncooperative for x-rays and cleaning.
He goes back in October to repair a decalcification...
will he cooperate for laughing gas? 
               This is what we saw most of the time....................with the occasional smile!
Christopher had fun!
9/5 Classical Inspiration
I played this beautiful violin solo video on my phone (a friend linked on facebook),
and the boys insisted on listening/watching over and over again.
Enjoying some simple, beautiful, classical inspiration.
9/5 Pre-School 
Michael was having a lot of trouble with 'E' words,
but our bag of 'E' stuff and activities broke the barrier!
Michael photographs Mommy and Christopher.

Sorting by color!
Matching uppercase and lowercase- QUITE proud!

Michael made his name  :)
Everything 'E'
Our 'E' words included: Engineer, Eggs, Elmo, Eeyore,
Elbow, Ear, Earrings, Eyeball, Engine, and Elephant.
9/5 Costume Parade
Batman and Batman.                                      Knight Christopher.

 9/6 Fun, fun, fun!

 My little man making muffins!

We made a couple of exploding cards this year for Grandparents' Day!
You better be careful opening mail from the Wileys!
You could be the next recipient of an exploding card!
The hearts and apples were great practice with sequencing and sorting too...
Sequencing the confetti for Grandparents' Day cards!
I love these smiles!  :)
 Christopher's apple.
Very focused!
Stuffing the cards.....

Giggling at the thought of the cards "exploding" when opened!
Happy Grandparents' Day!
{super excited about the 'exploding cards'}
 Grandparents are awesome!
Special Thanks to all of the Grandparents in our lives! 
You all mean SO much to Me, Casey, and the boys!
9/6 Sticks, Stones, and a Roly Poly Hunt
What better way to work on Christopher's fine motor skills
than to pick up sticks and tiny Roly Polys.
Sitting on the stick pile
5 Roly Polys!

Making a Roly Poly home
"I can do it too!"

SO proud of his Roly Polys
Playing together
 Checking out the Roly Polys
Christopher has a green worm/caterpillar on his shoulder...
Michael comes at it with a stick!
Mommy saves the worm/caterpillar...
9/7  Yearly doctor appointments!
After our dentist fiasco earlier in the week,
I knew I would need to pull out the big guns
to make it through Michael's doctor appointment.
I repeatedly talked Michael through his appointment step-by-step
and came up with the 8 step sticker chart below.
(I knew Christopher would be fine)
No specific bribes worked at the dentist,
so we said Michael's prize would be "to celebrate all day"!
4 year olds have to do some extra stuff I didn't know about,
so Michael actually earned 10 stickers!
He was a brave little boy considering how scared/anxious he probably was.
Christopher kept saying. "my turn!"
and even watched intently as they drew his blood.
He only cried after shots...and it ended when the treat box came out!
Successfully filled up the sticker chart!
Michael's first 'celebration' choice?
The alphabet puzzle!
Such a proud big boy :)
Well, that's all the photos uploaded from the camera for now!
More fun pictures later this week :)
<>< Stacy


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