Thursday, May 23, 2013

After the move...

Here's an update in pictures....
After the Move
We had a few chilly weeks...
Luckily I packed a box with some winter clothes!
Sweet brothers!

She knows she's cute.

She has the STRANGEST sleeping positions!
We love taking walks around our neighborhood!
This is the neighborhood's little lake access...
the boys were hoping to feed some ducks :)

Sister watching over the boys in the background....

I felt SO, SO happy that night!

Bread!  Bread!  Bread!

The kids seemed happy, too  :)

Biking by the lake
Elizabeth has her OWN room and her OWN crib!

Chillin' in the crib for the first time!
I frequently find Elizabeth surrounded by animals.
I wonder how that happens?? 

Michael's animal friends

Check out the baby fat rolls!

Our little chunky monkey!
Elizabeth's superheroes :)

Two fun little boys!!!!!

My niece, little Ava, turned 1 year old!

Me and Ava ------------ Aunt Allie and Elizabeth

Michael loves Mrs. Jenny and Mr. B

I think she enjoyed her birthday cake!

Our growing families!!!!

Michael is a VERY sweet brother :)

I have a video of Casey making Elizabeth giggle
and she just LOVES to watch it!

Technology far too early :)

Aren't they adorable?????
Christopher, Elizabeth, Michael
I can't believe how big she's getting!

I love this old fashioned dress

Mommy love!

My mom's co-worker made this adorable onesie for Elizabeth!

All smiles yesterday morning!

One of Elizabeth's favorite places to play...

The Exercauser
Enjoying a beautiful, beautiful morning!

Yet another walk around the neighborhood...
but Michael tuckered out fast this time, so it was short!
I cannot even put in words how happy we are!
Although our days are still a little chaotic
unpacking and settling in
(seriously - our garage has one walking path),
it's easier to look past that stuff when we're together!
<>< Stacy


Tiffany said...

This whole post made me smile :-)

Wiley family said...

Thanks, Tiffany :) We have waited so long for this!