Monday, August 11, 2014

4 Generations!

4 Generations
Last year, we started what very well
might become a new tradition...
4 generation pictures with the girls,
and a ladies lunch out!
How fun {and rare} it is to all hang out together,
and the pictures will be treasured forever!
My cute little girl getting ready for pictures  :)
It was quite interesting considering the girls
are 3, 18 months, and 15 months,
but we did manage to get at least 1 picture!
Somehow it was easier with little babies!
Steven, our resident photographer!
Doesn't the purple owl look good on him?

Violet, my niece...
the only one who really cooperated!
4 Generations of Mothers and Daughters!
I am not joking about how hard it was to get even 1 good picture!
Here is the 2nd best picture....
Note the wiggly girls and me laughing
at how crazy they were being!!!
I certainly do love my family!
Everybody pitched in to try for a good picture
and then the men kept our kids
so we could enjoy lunch and shopping
(a rarity for me!)
Just the ladies!

Just the family!
We should do things like this more often....
Especially when the girls get bigger!!! :)
We will treasure our 4 generation pictures forever!
<><  Stacy

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